Roatan, Honduras (January 14 - 21, 2006)

Pictures by Warren Lo 2006

My first trip to Roatan, Honduras, and I must say that it was every bit as much fun as I was told! Being in the Caribbean, the marine life was very similar to what I have already seen in places like Cozumel and the Bahamas. However, the abundance of the little things was far greater than I had seen before. The diving was all wall diving, with some walls descending several thousand feet. This made for very flexible dive planning as we could dive to whatever depth we wanted and work our way back. 

We stayed at a place called "The Reef House". The resort was very quaint and comfortable. Owned by Larry and Carol Stevenson, who are fellow Canadians, they certainly treated their guests like family. They bent over backwards to make sure that everything was right, and it certainly was. Here are some images from the week. The story is in the slideshow....

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