Blackbeard's Cruises 2007 (August 25 - 31, 2007)

Pictures by Warren Lo 2007

A perennial favourte, Blackbeard's Cruises has failed to disappoint! This was my fourth Blackbeard's tour in as many years. Like last year, we boarded the boat in Freeport, which meant that we could dive right away. The weather for the week was amazing! We had a very slight touch of rain, but for the most part, it was sunny and calm. We got to head up to the north to do some Lemon shark diving at Tiger Beach as well as visit some sites I`d never been to before. What a treat!

For whatever reason, almost all of our dives had sharks on them. Sometimes just nurse sharks, but mostly reef sharks. And the sharks were very plentiful. I also saw my first lion fishes on this trip. It was quite something, although we learned that these photogenic little guys are actually an invasive species to the region since they are not indigenous, and are multiplying at an alarming rate. Since they have no natural predators in the area and yet they eat just about anything, they pose a significant ecological threat.

Anyhow, here are some images from the week. The slideshow presents a more complete story for the week - download it!!  

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All Photos copyright Warren Lo, 2007

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